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                It is a famous tourist attraction in Samut Songkhram province, a sandbar of estuary of the Mae Klong River formed by sedimentation of silt loam or known by the swiss made fake breitling for sale villagers as "Sai Kee Pet (fill sand)" Don Hoi Lot has an area of ​​approximately 3 kilometers wide and 5 kilometers long covering 2 places. The first one, Don Nok, is located in the  area of ​​Mae Klong estuary which can be reached by boat while Don Nai area is located at the beach of Chu Chi village in Bang Ja Kreng sub-district. And the second place is the beach of Bang Bo village, Bang Kaew district which can be reached by car.  

                There are many kinds of mollusks living in the sand bar areas including razor clams, surf clams, ridged Venus clam (hard clams), and lamp shell, cockle shells. However, the razor clams are found mostly in the area. Therefore this makes the place become the hallmark of tourist attraction. The razor clam is a bivalve mollusk having a turbid white body with a shell resembling a coffee stalk living beneath in the mud. The razor clam digging season is usually during the low tide period using a stick about the size of the incense stick dipped in the lime (calcium hydroxide) and then pierced into the sand hole. Once the clam exposes to the lime it will get intoxicated and emerged for easier catching. Never splash the limes over the sand bar areas since it will cause all the mollusks living in that area to die.
                The best time to visit Don Hoi Lot is during  March-May because the sea level is lower longer than any other time cheap swiss movement replica breitling sale and the sandbar can be seen emerging and tourists can rent the boat at the hall. Moreover, at Don Hoi Lot, the Prince of Chumphon Shrine is located nearby. There is also the Thai instrumental performance on every Sunday of the first and the third week each month between 4.30 pm and 6.30 pm at the field in front of the shrine. Besides, there are several restaurants and souvenir shops available selling a variety of products such as fresh or dried seafood, fresh-dried razor shells, fish sauce, Khlong Khlon shrimp paste, palm sugar, and coconut syrup, etc. 

Sweets and Edibles
          Kalamae Raman (Mon caramel) is a dessert of Mon people produced during the Songkran festival only.  At present, the Bang Ja Kreng villagers have gathered to manufacture the dessert for distribution at the cooperative shops at