Company Profile

The History of Chua Hah Seng Fish Sauce Factory, (Hoilord Brand) Company Limited.


          The genuine fish sauce branded "Hoilord" is born from the initiative of the president Khun Theerawat Sophonchaiwat, who is the people of Samut Songkhram province, born and raised in Don Hoi Lot. He, therefore, had the ideas in developing Don Hoi Lot where is an important tourist attraction of Samut Songkhram province to be widely known. Besides, the main career of his family that has been selling fish sauce from generation to generation for a long time, wherefore, making it the origin of "The genuine fish sauce branded Hoilord".

           The Intention is selecting to use this name because he wanted to promote the genuine fish sauce product branded Hoilord and Don Hoi Lot sandbar to be widely known both in Thailand and around the world. The Chua Hah Seng Fish Sauce Factory (Hoilord Brand) therefore was founded 50 years ago. At that time, the business was still merely a household industry. The volume of production is not that much. The marketing was still in the extent of small business. However, the Chua Ha Seng fish sauce factory realized the importance of fish sauce that has been used in the Thai kitchens since the past to the present.  This is, therefore, the beginning of Chua Hah Seng Fish Sauce Factory (Hoilord Brand) Company Limited since then with the intention and commitment in developing the production standard system which will affect the product quality in order to expand the market from within the country to the kitchen of the world.

          After established as the Chua Hah Seng Fish Sauce Factory (Hoilord Brand) Co., Ltd., the company has applied modern technology to be used in production making the factory became a large industry that has a quality production system HACCP and supporting standards of the Food and Drug  Administration. Our factory takes the cleanliness, safety, tastes of fish sauce including the production that meets the standards like GMP, HALAL into consideration. And more importantly, our factory is also creating jobs, opportunities for generating income for the local people, and above all, the true intentions of the president that has importantly emphasized and considered on the consumer. To provide consumers with the best, we, therefore, try to improve and develop the production of genuine fish sauce branded Hoilord with standards of quality that are accepted globally.

From those days until now,

the Chua Hah Seng of Hoilord Fish Sauce Factory Company Limited

          Has continuously grown and expanded with the "Chua City" building located and a replica bottle of genuine fish sauce as big as 12 meters tall located in front of the building that makes attention from those walking pass through the area.

          And these are the origin of Chua Hah Seng Fish Sauce Factory (Hoilord Brand) Company Limited, the most popular fish sauce manufacturer in Thailand.