Who's Hoilord

Mr. Hoilord
Many people may wonder why I use the name "Mr. Hoilord". Now, this is my background.

          "Hoilord (Razor Clam)" is a significant symbol that truly represents Samut Songkhram province. It is said that if coming to Samut Songkhram province without visiting Don Hoi Lot, it means that you have not reached this province yet.The word "Don Hoi Lot" is derived from the name of a type of shellfish that grows in this sand bar area. This kind of shellfish looks differently from those mollusks in terms of the shape of a coffee stalks about 3-4 inches long, which is the only shellfish in the country and the world as well.  Don Hoi Lot is a symbol of the province but only very few people know which province it is located. Therefore, with the determination to make people around the country know this place, it is the origin of the product "genuine fish sauce Hoilord brand".https://www.replicawatchesvip.uk.com/

          Since the name of "Hoilord" has been selected as the product name, this makes Cha Ha Seng factory meticulous in the production process of fish sauce to be clean, hygienic, clear, and free of sediment, delicious flavor and rich in protein. The punctiliousness in selecting the quality raw materials is applied to anchovy fish, a good quality fish particularly for making fish sauce from quality fish sources of Samut Songkhram, Rayong and trat provinces with international quality and standards. https://www.replicawatchups.uk.com/